Purple Haze

For the last couple of days, I have been doing some serious thinking about color. I have acquired some great items lately that I have plans for painting and placing in my "craftroom" but I am so stuck on a color choice.
I love purple.
I always have.
A lot of my clothes are purple. And yes, in case you were wondering, I even have a bra that is purple! AND of course socks that are purple too.
And by some blind fate, the uniform I have to wear at work is....YOU guessed it, PURPLE!
So you can see my problem.
I can almost say I am sick of it. But do I really believe that? I can't make myself say the words out loud. So I am not so sure.
As a test, tonight I changed the look of my blog. Yep, I couldn't help myself. As you can see I went with PURPLE! I know! I guess I just shouldn't fight it and just stick with the purple that has become the color of my blood.
Big sighhhh.