Burial At Sea

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On Saturday, March 15th, the Swanson, Nichols and Keltch families finally laid to rest the ashes of Lea Swanson and Anna & Dale Nichols off the coast of California. We were happy to see all of us together after so long. Alot of catching up was done on the way out to sea and afterwards at our home in Simi Valley. We met up with Chuck and Carol at the pier in Ventura.

The morning started out beautiful in Simi Valley, a bright and sunny day. Typical California weather. When we reached the Ventura pier, the sun was still shinning but the winds had picked up something wicked! We continued to the pier with hopes that the wind wouldn't be evident on the ocean. Captain Doug told us that it was going to be a bumpy ride but we would still be able to set our loved ones out to sea, however if we were to stay out any length of time, would be left to the condition of the ocean once we get out in it. So, we braved it and set out to sea.

The site of the breakwaters were pretty daunting. It didn't look like some place I'd like to be and we could see we were headed for a short trip. A couple of things came to my mind...the theme song for Gillian Island and the fact that Lea was getting her revenge on us for leaving her sitting on the shelf in the office even after she told us not to... Oh well, what can you do? After many many ups and downs over large swells, Captian Doug was able to swing the boat around and allow us to quickly say a few words and set Lea, Anna and Dale out to their final resting. The pictures here are of the urns on their way out to sea. Lea is the box-shape urn and Anna and Dale were place together in the shell urn. Both bio-degradeable. Made from very thick handmade paper. They were both very beautiful urns. According to Captian Doug, the urns were place at Longitude: 34 14 66 and Latitude: 117 17 00. So if you're ever in the neighborhood, drop by and throw them a line. Sorry, had to say it!

We were able to watch the urns drift along the waves for a while as we sailed back to land. Everyone was pretty quiet and it was a bit sad to say that final goodbye which we had put off for so long. But it does feel better to know that they are finally at peace. Rest in peace Mom, Anna and Dale. We miss and love you all.