Lucky Charm

Last week I kidnapped my friend Tina and forced her to go "shopping" with me. I had found a cute little beat up desk that I wanted her opinion on for my craft room. I thought we'd go check out a different store first to see what else was lucking about and we ended up at the Salvation Army. I was winding my way through the store I spotted some possible great finds but I decided to avoid the area of the store with the child who was talking very loudly on her cell phone. I'm checking out some potential goodies when I hear Tina's voice call my name. I look to find that she's practically right next to the child I was trying to avoid and is checking out the desk I spotted just a few minutes earlier. I walked over to her while getting the attention of the loud chattering girl and I told her to HUSH. (yes I really did) Before me was this beautiful desk. It was a steal and Tina and I both knew it. We grabbed the ticket, looked around and there was the store operator. I didn't even have to ask her and she dropped the price by $25! I looked at Tina with shock and promptly said SOLD! I swear Tina is a good luck charm! We loaded it into my car and it fit perfectly. I felt great to get it into my office and wiped it down. I love all the great details on it. Including the coffee cup ring stain, the worn out felt stripping around the top. It has nicks and dings in it but I look at it as character and I love each and every one. I have plans to lighten it up and bring out more of its charm with a bit of sand paper, paint and stenciling. What will I put on it...? I do not know. Perhaps some favorite song lyrics, phrase or possibly just a inspiring word. We shall see.