Monday, March 26, 2012

Buttons! Buttons! and MORE Buttons!

Weeks ago I was speaking to my Mom in North Carolina and I inquired as if she would have any buttons just laying around. To my surprise, she said that she has been collecting and buying buttons for years from garage sales and such with the "intention of doing something with them". Well that was years ago and since she has done nothing but sort them, I was welcomed to them. So I had her send them to me. When she told me the weight of the box I was a bit shocked!


I was so excited! I couldn't imagine what 32 pounds of buttons could possibly look like.

I tracked them daily! And when they finally arrived, I poured them out on the floor!
The box was filled with thousands of buttons!

Purple, blue, green, gold, silver, red, pink, brown, black, wood, plastic and metal buttons!


What on earth will I do with
these buttons?
You mean besides giggling like a nut?

Well, I had my girlfriends come over and they went through a few bags and chose some of their favorites.

I am also gathering a few to give to some new friends.

My Mom always told me to share!

The remainder? First, I will need to find a new home for them. They can't possibly be kept in the baggies!

THAT will never DO!

I will just have to make a few trips to the thrift stores to find crafty ways to store them.

Until then, the rest will make their way to the Rusty Monkey for safe keeping until we get classes scheduled.

The others will adorn projects I have stuck in my head!

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